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Where can I set Moja kišta?

This modern portable raised garden is meant for growing vegetables, herbs, fruit or flowers.
You can set it on any aerial and bright area, with at least 1 square metre space.

It is suitable for the balcony, terrace, atrium, canopy, outdoor kitchen, courtyard driveway, house trail, garden or holiday cottage.

You can use it as a divider or as a fence of a restaurant terrace, brighten up an office, lobby, reception or use it as a experimental learning accessory in kindergartens and schools.
Gardening in this portable raised garden enables you an excellent efficiency of space, which allows you to grow your produce on a small space, with very little effort all year round. Growing your own vegetables, herbs or strawberries has a big importance for a modern man.

For people with limited space or living in apartment buildings or skyscrapers, Moja kišta is maybe their first possibility of having their own little garden and as a modern, useful and decorative element, is more and more indispensable on terraces, holiday cottages and even in gardens.