Our story

If as a child you like to climb trees, it’s a big possibility, that the love for heights stays with you forever.

In our family company Marsan d.o.o. has been occupied with carpentry and roofing for many years.
For the companies owner Marko Zidarn, wood and it’s formation was already written in his genes. Like his father before him, making hay racks and roofs was one way, he was earning his living.

The best wood comes from Upper Savinjska Valley

On the verge of the Upper Savinjska Valley, lies a small town Mozirje.
The town is known for its beautiful flower park Mozirski gaj and ski center Golte.
Right here, in the heart of green valley, surrounded with forests, is where the best wood comes from and our story began.

Our future is in the natural materials

Because we adore wood, it didn’t take long, before we gave it our free time as well.
We believe wood and wooden products are our future, that is why all our knowledge and time was dedicated to develop a product that enables to stay in touch with nature in a modern, relaxing way.

A modern way of relaxing gardening

Because we know, we lack time from all obligations for ourselves, for relaxing and healthy lifestyle, we came up with a solution.

We developed the first portable raised garden with a big water tank.

You can put it or move it anywhere you like. It enables you relaxation while growing your plants for your own use and satisfaction, with no effort, no back pain, no irritating weed, no snails or voles.

The solution is the water tank

Because no one likes to water the plants everyday, Marko found a solution for that as well.

In the massive wooden frame of the portable garden, he built a water tank.

After a few different tries, it was ready for a test. We made a drainage, got the soil really wet and planted the lettuce, cherry tomatoes, celery and yellow paprika, watered it again and waited for results.

Your own organic vegetables without effort

We liked the portable garden very much and it was always on hand to check when we would need to water the plants again.

In spring we didn’t have to water them for 10 days or more, or the rain watered them for us.

We watered the lettuce in it’s intensive growing once a week and this is the result.

solata in paradižnik na terasi

Instead of a fence on the terrace, there is a vegetable garden.

The quality of the lettuce was often checked and soon the summer was upon us. We were thrilled for the harvest on such a small space, so we had to photograph our produce at all times.

We found out that our first’s portable raised garden with a big water tank, results were excellent!

Would you like to know more?

Maybe some sweet, little secret?

Such as…. how to easily prepare your portable garden for it’s first use or what to use for the best drainage “ever” ?

Simple, if you want to know the little hacks, why some make it work and some not…
Click below and be apart of our novelties and advice.

Marko will share his advice with you and little, almost forgotten secrets from our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, that used their natural skills, so you too can have a beautiful jummy garden, you will be proud of.