Decorative christmas tree

Material: spruce wood and steel bars
Height: 175 cm, the widest part of the tree is 120 cm.

Christmas is most certainly one of the most beautiful holidays in the year, which we like to spend with our loved ones. It is the time, when we feel calm, blessed and we take time for each other.
Whenever thinking about Christmas, we think about our family, the warmth of our home and a beautiful Christmas tree, that can’t be missing in our home.

This Christmas tree, made with love for our nature, can be your contribution to a better world.
Your home or your business space, will suddenly be full of warmth, which can also be felt in your hearts.
There is no need to cut down another young tree or buy a fake plastic one.
This Christmas tree can be the only tree you will need.
One tree, forever.

Delivery of the product is charged by arrangement. Call 031 301 616 to arrange delivery.

Cena: 169,00 

Guardians of the Forest

Because we love nature and want to preserve as many young trees as possible, we have created a real New Year’s tree for you. With it, you will bring home and warmth to your home, while recognizing that your heartache has preserved a bit of nature.

  • The set includes a solid wooden base that prevents it from turning.
  • It is intended for interiors or exterior decoration.
  • After the holidays, simply straighten the “branches” and put them in a dry place.

That way, it can be with you for many years, every time natural and unique.